Prof. Biswajit Das

Dr. Biswajit Das is Professor and founding Director of Centre for Culture, Media & Governance. He has over three decades of teaching and research experiences in the field of theory, method and history of Communication in India. Prior joining the centre, he worked with national and international agencies in conducting communication research and training.

Prof. Das taught Sociology of Communication in Department of Sociology, Jamia Millia Islamia offering courses on Media and Society, Culture Media and Society and Media Education. Prof. Das taught Communication Theory and Development Communication in AJK-MCRC, Jamia Millia Islamia, Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmedabad and other central universities. 

Trajectory of Labour in Media is the theme of a Webinar Discussion of Prof. Biswajit Das, Director, centre for media, Governance & Society, Jamia Milia Islamia University. He is in conversation with Snehasis Sur

Prof. Das has been in the advisory board of several universities and colleges in devising course curriculum in Sociology, Media and Communication Studies. Prof. Das has been a visiting Professor at York University, and fellow at the University of Windsor, Canada, Fellow at MSH, Paris, INALCO, Paris, Charles Wallace Trust, London and the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, Shimla, India.

Prof. Das had been a member of Innovation Council of I&B Ministry, Govt. of India and member of joint committee constituted by University Grants Commission (UGC), MHRD and Information and Broadcasting Ministry to monitor media related courses in the country.

Besides, he has been in the advisory board of Consortium of Education Communication (CEC), New Delhi and National Council Rural Institute (NCRI) and several other distinguished bodies such as UGC, ICSSR and councils of Govt. of India. 

His research has been supported by the Indo-French Scholarship (MSH), Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute, Charles Wallace India Trust, Ford Foundation, SSRC (New York), UNESCO, UNDP, IDRC, UGC and ICSSR and HIVOS, Netherland. 

He is the co-editor of the Sage series on ‘Communication Processes’, of which the first volume on Media and Mediation (2005), the second one on The Social and The Symbolic (2007) and the third one on Communication, Culture and Confrontation (2010). Prof. Das has published in various national and international journals. 

Currently, Prof. Das is the member of Open Education Resource, MHRD, Coordinator, Centre for Potential with Excellence in Media and Communication Studies in India (2016-21) Coordinator, Special Assistance Programme, UGC, MHRD and heading as Principal Investigator of e-PG Pathshala programme in Media and Communication Studies, UGC, MHRD. Prof. Das Coordinated 9 papers comprising 360 modules and videos available in the repository of INFLIBNET.

Currently, Prof. Das is the founding President of All India Communication and Media Association in India and received best Media Educator Award, 2018 by exchange 4 Media.

A glance of his projects.

1. Media Diversity Index

The Center for Culture, Media and Governance initiated a project on media and democracy. ‘Diversity’ is a key stone of democracy, the more the diversity the better the health of democracy. So this project attempts to study the state of diversity in Indian media, thereby, reflecting on the nature of democracy of India.

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2. e-PG Pathshala

The Centre initiates discussions and deliberations on media education in India. The major focus of this initiative is to indegenize and contextualize media education. Besides innovations in classroom teaching, The Centre also developed a postgraduate course outline along with Open Educational Resource materials on media and communication studies.

Prof Biswajit Das contribution in epg pathshala videos

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3. Media Mapping Project 

Media Mapping is rapidly becoming increasingly important especially in the ever-changing Indian diaspora. It is a growing topic of research which studies our behaviour and outlook towards media and in what ways human society changes or adapts to the intricacies of media. 

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Latest Book

Gandhian Thought and Communication: Rethinking the Mahatma in the Media Age

Published by SAGE

Gandhian Thought and Communication: Rethinking the Mahatma in the Media Age looks at Gandhian thought and contributions from an interdisciplinary communication perspective. It explores the Mahatma as a public intellectual and communicator. It studies Gandhi’s unique communication techniques to connect with the masses and the way he used and appropriated myth, metaphors and symbols to communicate his ideas related to modernity and nationalism. The book examines how Gandhian ideas have been tested and the implications derived.

This book also studies the contemporary relevance of Gandhian thought by looking at various popular media representations to open up the possibilities of rethinking and recasting Gandhi in the present context.