Interested candidates kindly refer to the rules and regulations below before applying for membership at AICMA.

Membership Guidelines

1.Membership: Every subscriber to the Memorandum of the Society, every member of the Governing Body and every individual who believes in the aims and objectives of this society and whom the Governing Body may admit as a member shall be the members of the society.


  • Lifetime Membership: Willing candidates will have to pay a sum of – 5,000/- (INR) for a lifetime membership. The lifetime member will also be entitled to cast his/her vote for governing body elections.
  • Standard Membership: Willing candidates will have to pay a sum of – 1,000/- (INR) for 1 year. However, they will not be entitled to cast vote in the elections.
  • Student Membership: Associate or Student member will have to pay a sum of – 500/- (INR).
  • Institutional Member: Institutional members will have to pay a sum of – 5000/- (INR).
  • Foreign Member: Foreign Member Willing candidates who are foreigners and wish to apply for membership will have to pay a sum of $200.
  • Nominated Member: Social workers/Diplomats/Senior Journalist who have a reputation in the society and to whom governing body deems fit may be nominated for the objective benefits of the society. Hence, he/she can be nominated as a member without any charge.

3.Cessation of Membership: A person shall cease to be a member of the society by resignation, death, disqualification, insolvency or liquidation or for remaining absent in the three consecutive general body meetings except for prior sanction of leave as the case may be. A member shall be deemed to have become disqualified, if in the view of the other members expressed by a resolution of the majority of the total number of the members, or he is of unsound mind, or has worked against the aims and objects of the society or has committed an act, which makes it undesirable to have him as member or his membership cessation is in the interest of the society.

4.Refusal: The Governing Body of the society may refuse any person the membership without signing any reason. The decision of the Governing body shall be final.