List of AICMA Events

  • Inaugural Function of Caste & Communication | 27 March 2019
  • Prof. Hira Singh, Department of Sociology, York University, Toronto
  • Shri. D. P. Majhi, Director, Dr Ambedkar Foundation, New Delhi
  • Prof. Gopalan Ravindran, Secretary, AICMA, New Delhi
  • Prof. Biswajit Das, Director, CCMG, JMI, New Delhi
  • Dr Athikho Kaisii, CCMG, JMI, New Delhi
  • Prof. Muthu Manickam
  • Prof. Hira Singh is addressing the conference
  • Prof. Hira Singh is addressing the conference
  • Inaugural Function Day 1
  • Prof Biswajit Das is Introducing the Conference
  • Live coverage | Social Media Outreach
  • National Conference on Caste and Communication (27th – 28th March 2019)
  • Media Portrayal of the Marginalized Communities (21st – 22nd December 2018)
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