Know us

All India Communication and Media Association (AICMA) is a space for creative, interdisciplinary dialogue among teachers, researchers and scholars engaged to address the problems and challenges in understanding media and communication in contemporary times. It is a platform for debates and innovative departures about the conceptual, theoretical, methodological and substantive issues related to media and communication and its implications in the Indian society, culture, economy and polity.

AICMA is an outcome of sustained deliberations by the academics and researchers from 8 Central Universities, 18 State universities, 9 deemed universities and 4 civil society groups in May 2015. All India Communication and Media Association (AICMA) has been registered under the Societies Registration Act since March 2016 in New Delhi.

Vision & Mission

To develop interdisciplinary concerns in communication and related disciplines for research and teaching.

To publish newsletters, peer reviewed journals for knowledge dissemination.

To organize and host events, seminars, symposia and conferences related to issues of media and communication in India.

To explore and curate pedagogical and curricular innovations in the studies pertaining to media and communication.

To build an impactful network of scholars and policymakers in South Asia and engage in communication, media and policy research and dialogues in the cross-disciplinary and cross-border context.​

Aims & Objectives

AICMA has been designed:

  • To address issues involving media & society interface, culture and communication, government communication and the media sector.
  • To curate a knowledge pool about various media and communication related issues.
  • To create an opportunity for media and communication literacy, awareness, and actions.
  • To enable a body of scholarship, policy perspective, and dialogic process of the stakeholders in media and communication.